Pictures of Our New Handicap Van

I don't know if you were aware of the trouble we've been having with the Plymouth mini-van lately, but it's been a lot.  Anyway, lately we've had to spend a lot of money on fixing stuff up a lot. Finally it developed a warped head over the header gasket. Robbie looked it over and basically said it is not worth fixing because repairs would cost far more than the whole van is worth.

We have been looking around for something to replace it with and also something already handicap equipped such that I could get in and out of the van while still in my wheel chair. It's such a hassle getting in and out of the wheelchair so much and having to rearrange the oxygen tanks etc.  We looked at quite a few and were very disappointed.

But prayer paid off. Today God prepared the way and led us to a fantastic -like NEW - 1996 Ford handicap van - with ONLY 19K original miles on it. The people we bought it from knew the van
from brand new until today. The older couple had it but now they wanted to sell it. When the man we were dealing with talked with them they said they felt like someone else (Eleanor and me) needed it and they wanted to help us if they could. They sold it to us for much less than many of the junkers with over 110,000 miles, looking really ragged were selling for.
You'd really have to see it to believe it. It is like new with only 19K miles on it and all the maintenance records and everything with it.  I'm putting some pictures of it here so you can see it. They've got all the seats and stuff out so they can clean it up great and reinstall the bed seat in the rear. It has electric opening doors and fully automatic lift, a built in TV, rear a/c and heat and much more! We are hoping and praying that God will let me be around a good while longer so we can really enjoy taking a few local trips and tours. We are really excited about it and can't wait for you to see it.

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