Ebenezer Park, March 2007
Ebenezer Park, March 2007
View Across Lake Wylie
Beautiful -aah-choo Spring (allergy) Blossoms
What a great camp out we had ! The weather was great (for the most part - not counting 1" of rain and a couple of nights way below freezing, and some pretty brisk breezes blowing).  But all in all -  not too hot and not too cold. Only problem was that we (the different camping families) couldn't all get in the same location. The Taylors were on one side of the campground and the Selfs and the Buchanans were all the way across on the other side. OK for those who liked to take a brisk long walk, but not too good for Grandpa Glen. The free wireless internet network wasn't there this time though. Really missed it.  Sure do hope that's something they plan on getting back in operation by the next time we're there. That, the low priced rates, and the great park staff are really big parts of the park.
Robyn visiting Grandpa (self-portraits)
-----------------------Glen & Eleanor - campsite in the woods.-------------------------
Dane setting up the Buchanan camper
View of Camp Ground
Robyn & Mamaw Shirley Taylor playing video games.
Canada Geese making themselves at home.
The Buchanan campsite.
Road leading to park entrance from our campsite.
Parking tent for Grandpa's scooter.
It may be slow, but it gets me there.
Even in campers there's cooking and cleaning to be done.
Matthew took a picture of Grandpa and Grandpa took a picture of Matthew.
Just resting a spell.
Robbie & Scott working on drain lines.
Just resting a spell.
Daily devotions & daily medicine are a part of camp life too.

Hey, JACOB had a birthday. He's 7 now. We had a great birthday party on our camping trip!
Wow! Cake & Ice cream too.

Having fun at the playground with bikes, basketballs, and seesaws. But it was a cold, cold wind blowing.
Matthew says, "A camping trip without a campfire just wouldn't be right. Would it Daddy ? "
You just can't beat pork and beans, cole slaw, and fried chicken for a good dinner on a camp out.

Yep ! When the scooter's not in the tent, the cousins are.
Three "cool" ladies. (And I mean that literally!)
Ally's found herself a warm, soft, comfortable spot, and she's not giving it up.
Oh, to be young, vibrant, and in love like this . . . .
. . .  instead of old, worn out, aching and cold like this!
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